None of us likes to wait, and if someone is made to wait on a waiting chair in an office, it can tell a lot about the office’s culture. A customer at some time or the other has to go through waiting time.
In a company’s waiting room, a customer waits primarily because service providers are lagging behind their schedule or the service is itself being performed at that point in time. These two instances point to the fact that a waiting room forms an important part of operations.

The waiting time in a waiting room of an office makes a customer less patient with passing time. As the customers wait, they start forming a perception regarding the office that is making them wait. Their trust in that company starts to dwindle and they start thinking about the level of service the company offers.

How will the wait time for the customer impact your office’s perception?

If a customer gets to wait, it is one of the first things that the customer complaints about the office. A long waiting time or queue can almost always spoil the mood of customers. There are certain factors that can spoil the impression of the company in the customer’s mind. Read on to know more:

1. An overall bad vibe

Because the customers had to wait their turn, the remainder of the day that they spend in the company will also be of a bad vibe. This could happen when the service for which they waited was not up to a required standard. One thing to keep in mind is that the customers should be told the exact amount of time they would have to wait to ease out the process.

2. Creating a negative reputation

While operating a business, a business owner can focus on a thing wherein he or she under-promises and over-delivers. But if the opposite happens, it could lead to the building up of a negative reputation amongst the customers, which is the last thing the business owner would want.

3. Incompetency and inefficiency

If your company comes across as incompetent and inefficient, it can be a roadblock and can very likely destroy your reputation. Try to be more efficient in your ways of making your customers comfortable during and after the waiting time.

Try to be competent and see what you are doing wrong that is driving your customers away by making them wait long hours. Look for ways in which you can fill the void in your customer’s waiting time.

How can you improve the experience of your customer’s waiting time?

Even a minute spent unhappily in the waiting room is directly proportional to the customer questioning the office’s culture. There are certain ways that can help you prevent losing your customers when they have to wait in the lobby or reception area. These ways are:

1. Provide free Wi-fi

As so many people have a smartphone today, you can easily provide your customers with free Wi-Fi so that they can pass away the waiting time without forming a bad perception of the company.

It’s great that you have a cable TV, but providing Wi-Fi is a huge plus. In addition to this, make sure that you put the Wi-Fi login and password at a place where it’s easily visible to the customers so that they do not have to go ahead and hunt it down for themselves.

2. Show a diversity in subscriptions

The theme of your business doesn’t matter when it comes to providing a variety of magazines in the waiting area. Your clientele will always consist of different types of people. You can put magazines on different topics, including travel, fashion, cooking, automotive, sports, home design, cooking, beauty, etc. in your office’s waiting area. You can also pitch in for some reading material for kids that accompany the customers.

3. Coffee and snacking options

You can provide some personal services by providing a snack and hot coffee. Don’t worry as things need not be over-the-top in order to make a nice impression. To ease the waiting process, providing fresh fruits, tea, coffee, fruit drinks, etc. will always come in handy.

4. Options for charging

A charging station for laptops and mobile devices can be a huge advantage in easing out the pain of the customers when they are required to wait. A lot can be done by the customers if they have this feature because it will enable them to check out their work emails and have a personal time in which they can sit back, relax, and plan something that they are going to do after leaving the premises of your office. Such a personal time would never seem an inconvenience to your customers and they would leave with an air of satisfaction.

5. Turn the waiting area into a stress reliever

Waiting time can always shoot up the stress levels and it could augment it even more if someone is waiting for something that has the power to impact their finances and health. To boost up the relaxation levels, you can provide massage chairs and calming aromatherapy. A chair that can double up as a massage chair can reduce the agony related to the waiting time in a jiffy.

6. Staff optimization

Sometimes your office might be understaffed. After you decide what contemporary office furniture you need to put in the waiting area, you can start to focus on creating the right team to help you out in carrying out all the operations in the waiting area.

So, we can now decipher the reason behind the customer’s perception of the waiting time in an office and how to eliminate the pain that customers go through waiting those long hours. Following certain rules can go the extra mile in making your customers feel at ease while going through the otherwise painful waiting time in your company premises.

First of all, you should not make your customers wait at all but if a situation arises where they have to wait, you would have to go out of your way to please them and to make them come back for your services again.