Author: <span class="vcard">Adam Sandler</span>

Moving House 101: Furniture Storage Solutions

One of the biggest challenges that people face while moving house is coordinating the move from the old house to the new one. Some factors can adversely affect this part of the moving process. One of the most frustrating scenarios is when the lease runs out well in advance to the actual moving date, forcing…

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Planning A Christmas Party: Tips and Tricks to Make It the Perfect Party

Who doesn’t love a party? A time to unwind, have fun and indulge in good food and drinks. What’s not to love? And then there are Christmas parties, which are in a league of their own. Christmas parties are just so much more special than any other parties. There is excitement and anticipation about the…

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Packing Boxes – How to Choose them

Even the best product needs an appealing packaging to make it stick with the customer. For the same reason, a wrong choice of packaging can be very detrimental to the success of the product. Like the adage, the first impression always is the best impression and marketers are focusing on packaging more than ever in…

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